Vivra Wellness is a concept- based organization that aspires to bring innovative marketing solutions to healthcare. Our endeavor at Vivra Wellness is to understand the different issues and challenges faced by the marketing/medical team and build customized solutions with defined KPI’s & deliverables. Vivra Wellness as a company has been able to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between pharmaceuticals, medical devices companies, doctors, paramedics, and patients providing a win-win situation for all. We maintain a creditable track with professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, advertisement, and communication to deliver branding and digital solutions to cater to marketing objectives for better healthcare outcomes.

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About Us

Every geography, every culture, every stakeholder is different and so are their needs.

We are a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in multidisciplinary function with a focus to create customized business solutions.

While marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make, it is the art of creating genuine customer value. Our innovative approach to branding and digital marketing best practices and dedication to utilizing the latest marketing trends and technologies has contributed to our existence.

Today, we manage digital marketing for a variety of global brands, developing and implementing ground-breaking cross-market with multilingual campaigns worldwide. This includes AVs, VR, AR, HTML, gamification, apps, animations, graphics, and many engaging / innovative approaches.

With a global footprint and international marketing experts, our team offers a range of ideal marketing and digital solutions to help you reach your audience across the world.

What makes us stand out from our competition?

  • A customized approach to try and solve the problem
  • Back up with data and logic
  • Flexibility to change as per needs/requirements
  • Results-focused innovation
  • Exceeding client expectations (at least we try)