Vivra Wellness is a concept- based organization that aspires to bring innovative marketing solutions to healthcare. Our endeavor at Vivra Wellness is to understand the different issues and challenges faced by the marketing/medical team and build customized solutions with defined KPI’s & deliverables. Vivra Wellness as a company has been able to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between pharmaceuticals, medical devices companies, doctors, paramedics, and patients providing a win-win situation for all. We maintain a creditable track with professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, advertisement, and communication to deliver branding and digital solutions to cater to marketing objectives for better healthcare outcomes.

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Vivra Wellness delivers customer engagement solutions to healthcare companies to meet their varied marketing needs. We partner with brand/product marketing, sales, service, and medical functions to synergize with their capabilities in engaging healthcare professionals in multiple channels of communication. Such capabilities have proven to improve reach and frequency, increase customer access, augment sales, and enhance marketing campaigns. We first understand the product and then work with our creative team to build communication that is driven by science for different therapy areas for products at every stage of the life cycle.

Unique and quality healthcare content and forms to grab mind share of the target audience.

  • Visual aids
  • Leave behind literature
  • Product monograph
  • Product packaging
  • Patient awareness material
  • Stall design
  • Direct mailers

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