Vivra Wellness is a concept- based organization that aspires to bring innovative marketing solutions to healthcare. Our endeavor at Vivra Wellness is to understand the different issues and challenges faced by the marketing/medical team and build customized solutions with defined KPI’s & deliverables. Vivra Wellness as a company has been able to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between pharmaceuticals, medical devices companies, doctors, paramedics, and patients providing a win-win situation for all. We maintain a creditable track with professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, advertisement, and communication to deliver branding and digital solutions to cater to marketing objectives for better healthcare outcomes.

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Paramedic Training

The ever-increasing population, the rising complexity of diseases, and growing life expectancy have made the healthcare sector a 24*7 operating profession. To ensure optimal health and to stay in line with the medical advancements, all healthcare practitioners need to exercise attention to detail and utmost care.

Healthcare as a profession requires great attention to detail to not miss critical signs indicating the illness and development of new symptoms. In the face of the increasing workload and to reduce mistakes, the emphasis is on proficiency which requires rigorous training of paramedics.

The paramedical profession involves initial interaction with the patients as well as the physical recording of the vital signs to facilitate doctors and surgeons in the interpretation of the symptoms to determine the further course of treatment. This involves huge attention to detail as prioritization also depends greatly on these details.

Vivra Wellness tie-up with various leading academic associations across the globe to customize training modules for paramedics. Continuous training on the operational requirement for paramedics as part of personalized service to a doctor helps in the smooth functioning of the healthcare set-up and results in quality patient experience.

Areas of training include :